Solar Power Energy Companies India

We Solar Power Energy India (SPEI) provide you the Power Generation exclusively for various industries, hotels and for domestic purposes. In order to bring solar energy systems and solutions primarily to remote in rural areas and bring about a transformation in the quality of life. We are a young and dynamic company who are quality and cost conscious and fully geared up to deliver results on committed deadlines.

We appreciate the trust you have placed in SPEI over the years. We are committed to backing and honoring warranty and service commitments. For any warranty or service issues.

We extend our gratitude and appreciation for the projects we have successfully contributed to that will continue to provide clean, reliable power generation for many years. SPEI helps you to reduce the electricity bill, adds value to your home and helps protect the environment. Sun removes all your electricity problems. If you are interested in get a new boiler here you need to visit this site .

The amount of energy from the sun is very high compared to the overall energy requirement and consumption in the country. It is estimated by industry experts that millions of homes around the world are going to switch to solar energy in the next few years. Let us switch our home to solar home today!!!! This is the right time to make use of this gifted resource. And this clean and enormous source acts the substitute for other non-renewable sources of energy which pollutes our environment.

The Solar Inverter Converts the direct current (DC) into utility frequency alternating current (AC).The AC (Alternating current) can be used to power loads in your home or commercial building and more…. The Solar Panel gives DC (Direct current).The DC current cannot be used directly for the home appliances. Solar Inverter is the most important component in the solar power systems.

The Converted AC power is used for running your gadgets like the TV, Microwave, and Refrigerator and more… Solar inverters play a vital role in providing alternate current supplies at the times of critical power requirements.

Grid Tie Inverters convert the direct current generated by the solar module into grid-acceptable alternating current.There are a few basic types of Solar Inverter, they are  Off Grid Inverters, Grid Tie Inverters, Battery backup Inverters, Micro Inverters. Micro-inverters are the latest in the solar industry which is small & compact in size and yet are packed with a lot of performance & promise. They incorporate all the features of any string or central inverters. Micro inverters perform independent maximum power point tracking on each connected panel and this reduces equipment expenditure.